You've reached the personal domain of Desmond Rivet, a full-stack software developer living in Montreal, Canada. Welcome!

I've maintained some form of personal website since roughly 1998 or so, when I made my first hand coded HTML pages available online. There've been a few over the years, hosted on variously on U of T servers, Geocities, Netfirms and a raft of dedicated home machines.

The current incarnation has been hosted for several years on a server rented from kimsufi. I'm going to try and make this one last.

Though I was born in Montreal, and currently reside there, I spent a lot of my formative years in Toronto. I have a Bachelor's degree in Engineering from the Univerity of Toronto's Engineering Science program.

I suppose my main hobby would be programming, but I also enjoy writing, reading and cooking. Oh, and mixing drinks. You can blame Mad Men for that.

At the moment, this site is home to:

  • a blog, where I publish random thoughts on a semi-regular basis
  • a piwigo photo album
  • a wiki, which I use to keep track of longer term pages like recipes
  • various selected pages from my old sites

Please make yourself at home!