Hello, and welcome! You've reached the personal domain of Desmond Rivet. I hope you enjoy your stay.

About Me

I currently reside in Montreal, Canada where I work for Unity Technologies as a full-stack developer.

Apart from programming, I also enjoy writing, reading, cooking and mixing drinks (you can blame Mad Men for that last one).

Recently I've discovered the Indie Web and though I am currently obsessed with its ideas, it also makes me feel incredibly old to think that blogs and personal websites are things that need to be repopularized.

About This Site

This site is home to a fair amount of content and, accordingly, a fair amount of thought has gone into its design and layout. Among other things, this site sports:

  • a bunch of notes, i.e. short, titleless posts that other people might call "tweets"
  • a blog, where I publish longer thoughts on a semi-regular basis
  • a piwigo photo album
  • a wiki, which I use to keep track of longer term pages like recipes
  • various selected pages from my old sites