Greetings! My name is Desmond Rivet, a software developer by trade living in Montreal, Canada. I'm a graduate of the Engineering Science program (Computer Option) at the University of Toronto.

I was born in Montreal, but spent a good chunk of my life, including high school and University, in Toronto. I moved back to Montreal soon after I got my Bachelor's degree and started my first job. Having spent a fair bit of time in both cities I like to think I'm above the typical rivalry shared between them.

I've worked as a software developer (junior, senior, staff, etc.) for over 20 years. My first job was as a summer student, then intern, at PCI Geomatics. Next, I had a brief stint as an NSERC researcher during my last year of University. After I graduated, I spent a number of years at Airwide Solutions (formerly Schlumberger), followed by over a decade at Intelerad Medical Systems. I'm currently employed by Unity Technologies.

I enjoy writing and programming (not shocking, considering what I do for a living), and futzing around with this website is a good way to do both. I also enjoy reading, television, cooking, cocktails, board games, photography, philosophy and travelling.

Feel free to drop me a line!