A Trip Down Memory Lane

When I started blogging in earnest, around 2007, I basically pushed aside all of the old content on my website in favour of the new. The stuff I had written up until that point was largely forgotten, and started gathering dust on my old Sun Ultra 10, which was the last machine to host my site before I finally gave in and started using a web hosting company.

I've recently dug out my Sun Ultra 10 from my closet and have since been knee-deep in nostalgia. I think my old site or, at least, selected parts of it, deserves a home, and this page will act as such - your gateway to the past! Expect new (well, actually, old) things to show up here as I work my way through the years.

The content, for the most part, remains unchanged, with a few exceptions (like converting the HTML to markdown and fixing broken links where possible). Enjoy! Or not...

Personal Stuff


Various Essays