I've maintained some form of personal online presence since roughly 1998 or so, when I made my first hand coded HTML pages available on the web. There have been several incarnations of this site over the years, hosted variously on U of T servers, Geocities, Netfirms and a raft of dedicated home and rented machines, but the current version is now hosted on Netlify and I haven't found the experince too painful so I'm going to try and make it last.

These days I'm using eleventy to build this site; when it comes to content management systems, I favour plain text files over databases, which means I avoid software like Wordpress. I've used a variety of other tools in the past, from an obscure, Perl-based blogging engine called Blosxom, to my own homegrown system called YAWT, onto a relatively mainstream program called Pelican. I suspect eleventy will not be the final link in this chain, but we'll see how long it lasts.

This site is part of the IndieWeb, a collection of personal websites that function as a kind of alternative to traditional social media. I discovered the community sometime in early 2019 and I've been since hard at work to make my site compliant. Mostly this means that I try to post content here first, and then syndicate it elsewhere. My success rate varies.