The Graphics Pipeline

More fun than it sounds...

I wanted to do something constructive with my PEY term, so I decided to learn what I could about 3D graphics. When I say "learn" I don't mean any particular library or product like OpenGL or DirectX or POV-Ray (although I did have some fun with POV-Ray). I decided to learn about the math involved so I could write my own 3D library. I was taking home a paycheck and I was feeling brave.

So here we are. The library's name is GP, for Graphics Pipeline (I never said I was creative). It is low level polygon renderer with a design similar to OpenGL, although not identical (OpenGL, for instance does not allow oblique projections, while this API does). I think the shading might be a bit off but...whatever. It was all in good fun and maybe I'll fix it someday.


Sine wave carpet

200 triangles 800 triangle 3200 triangles

Simple water wave

Yellow Red Blue solid and green wire

Mobius strip

Blue Yellow Psychedelic

Source Code