Changes To Post Organization

After some consideration I've decided to remove the articles from my "Posts" feed and rename it to "Notes". It now contains just my notes and photos (and videos if I ever start posting those). As before, my articles are available in my "Blog" feed.

Initially, my reason for mixing articles, notes and photos into one "posts" feed was that I suspected at least some of my readers would want a feed just for "original content", and the "posts" feed provided that. I still think this is true, but some other insights have led me to reconsider the approach.

  • I syndicate to Twitter and Facebook, and if you're reading my stuff from one of those services, it doesn't matter where my notes or articles come from - they always just show up combined on my profile or wall.

  • If you're a bit more tech savvy and you're reading my stuff via Atom feeds or a microsub reader, you probably already know how to subscribe to multiple feeds at once, and you can therefore still get an "original content" feed by subscribing to my notes and blog feeds.

Basically, the posts feed was really only useful to people who a) didn't read my stuff from Twitter or Facebook, and who b) didn't use Atom or microsub. For such people, a combined feed of notes, photos and blog entries may have proven useful, but in the end such people can still just read both feeds separately and be done with it.

The end result is now a bit less weird. I have:

  • A notes feed, like a microblog, for notes and photos. I maintain that it makes sense to combine notes and photos.
  • I still have my traditional blog. This is unlikely to ever change.
  • A links feed for my bookmarks,
  • The firehose, which contains everything, including likes, reposts, and replies.

For people who did actually subscribe to the posts feed, I'll continue to publish it for the time being, but it's not directly linked from my pages.

I hope this is less confusing. Thanks for the patience everyone!