I don't organize my bookmarks, though I've always meant to. That being said, isn't the point of IndieWeb's bookmark entry type to avoid relying on an external service for this?

Testing a new browser gave me the incentive and opportunity to clean up my pile of "bookmarks". Wondering how most people use and organise their browser #bookmarks? Do you keep everything in separate folders? Never gotten around in using one of those "pinning" services, even-though I've been "bookmarking" interesting things using my "Known CMS" site, but I don't organise those properly using tags.

The Indieweb wiki page on Bookmark (https://indieweb.org/bookmark) does not refer to how to organize bookmarks really. It comes down to personal preference obviously. I'm using the "bookmarks" in Known CMS as a form of "read later" functionality or this "is interesting". When I actively want to endorse something I "like" the thing so it gets a little boosted. Being to sort bookmarks in folders in a browser feels a little old-school. Wondering if Brave allows organizing bookmarks using tags?