Duckie Fuzz

I went to my friend Neil's bachelor party last Saturday (July 28th). I met the group at the Saint-Sulpice around 2:30pm and I didn't leave till 10:20pm or so. It was a fun day.

It ended up being a kind of a mini pub crawl, and one of the places we ended up was Foufounnes Electriques, a punk bar on Saint-Catherine Street. I had been in there only once before but it was only now that I actually noticed the decor and ambiance.

Something about the whole experience rubbed me the wrong way. An easy explanation would be the death metal music playing on the speakers, but I don't think that was it. I'm not a fan of death metal, but I'm not anti death metal either. Maybe it was the art on the wall. There was one of white clothes on a clothesline splattered in blood, another of a man wailing whilst holding his dead son in his arms, and yet another of some sort of crime/death scene, with blood pooled on the ground. Are you detecting a theme? So was I.

I'm not quite sure what it was about the whole thing that bugged me. I didn't find the art offensive per se. Maybe it was the unsubtlety of it all. The whole place just screamed "Death! Blood! Doom! Does my beer come with a razor blade? Good!". I'm surprised they didn't have it flashing outside in neon. Yes I get that you're a punk bar. I don't need to have it rammed into my skull.

After Foufounnes, we ended up at McKlean's, a pub located downtown, just off Saint-Catherine's. It was here that we were introduced to the "Duckie Fuzz" game. One person in the circles starts by saying "Duckie Fuzz". The next in the circle has to say "Fuzzie Duck". You keep going like this, alternating between "Fuzzie Duck" and "Duckie Fuzz" until someone a) throws a curve ball by saying "Duzzie", at which point the direction of the game reverses or b) screws up by saying "Duzzie Fuck" or anything other than "Duckie Fuzz", "Fuzzie Duck" or "Duzzie". The penalty is two fingers of beer. As you might imagine the drunk keep getting drunker. Loads of fun.

By the time we finished dinner (Indian food at Star of India, near Guy metro station), I was full and drunk to the point of getting sick. I wasn't quite there yet but I think another beer would have pushed me over the edge. So I had to turn down the strip club. Ah well.