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New Blog

So I got myself a new weblog, hosted on Netfirms. I'm not particularly enjoying the Netfirms experience, but it was only $10 for a year and I get SSH access. They're quite skimpy with the perl modules, forcing me to install a bunch of stuff in my home directory.

I'm using a homemade blogging program because I got tired of blosxom's ugliness and I didn't really like what I saw of Bryar. I'm calling it YAWT in my head - short for Yet Another Weblog Tool. I'm hoping to extend it at some point to handle photo galleries in a seamless and efficient manner - my last attempt to write an online photo manager was quite slow. We'll see.

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Blosxom Warts

At the moment I'm using blosxom to generate this blog. I'm using blosxom for the following reasons:

  • the HTML is completely under my control.

  • there is no database or PHP required.

  • the codebase is tiny, which means I have a better chance of fixing whatever problems crop up and also of integrating it into my site.

So far, it seems to work okay. My blog looks more or less the way I want it to. More specifically, it looks like it's a seamless part of my web site, which is exactly the effect I was after.

That being said, I'm finding that blosxom has a few warts:

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Joining the Rest of Mankind

So I've finally gotten a blog. They've only been around for, what? Ten years? I guess I'm not a bandwagon jumper.

Lately though, there've been a couple of instance where a) I've had an opinion that I wanted to share with the world and b) I didn't feel like writing a full-blown essay to express it. I guess this is where a blog fits the bill.

Anyway, after reviewing various blogging options I've finally settled on Blosxom as my blogging tool. At the moment I think this is the best option for me because:

  • it's extremely lightweight. The core package consists of a single Perl script having less than 500 lines.

  • it doesn't use a database. Blog entries are just text files, and can be edited with your favourite text editor. Databases, in my opinion, are overused in these sorts of applications.

  • there's no PHP to set up, no special Apache modules to install, unless you count mod_cgi, which I don't because it's pretty standard on most Apache installations.

  • the HTML is completely customizable by hand. I don't like applications which spit out HTML I can't control.

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