How to Sign Users In with IndieAuth

This post will show you step by step how you can let people log in to your website with their own IndieAuth website so you don't need to worry about user accounts or passwords.
What is IndieAuth? IndieAuth is an extension of OAuth 2.0 that enables an individual website like someone's WordPress, Gitea or OwnCast instance to become its own identity provider. This means you can use your own website to sign in to other websites that support IndieAuth.
You can learn more about the differences betw...

I've of the things I have to deal with in Spanish: 'sombrero' means 'hat', and I sort of already knew this, but I always associated it with a very specific kind of hat, not hats in general.
First practical duolingo result: I now understand that the chihuahua was saying "I want Taco Bell"
Interop’s Labyrinth: Sharing Code Between Web & Electron Apps - Slack Engineering

While it’s no secret that the cross-platform Slack Desktop app is built on Electron, it might be slightly less well known that it’s a hybrid app built around our web app ( This is one of Electron’s most compelling draws — not only can you build a cross-platform desktop app from scratch with the web technologies you …

Zack Snyder's Justice League.  A better movie, but not a good movie.
Thinking of trying eleventy.  But I've put some much effort into my pelican setup.  Hrm.
I apparently own all six cancelled Dr. Seuss books
I don't organize my bookmarks, though I've always meant to. That being said, isn't the point of IndieWeb's bookmark entry type to avoid relying on an external service for this?

Testing a new browser gave me the incentive and opportunity to clean up my pile of "bookmarks". Wondering how most people use and organise their browser #bookmarks? Do you keep everything in separate folders? Never gotten around in using one of those "pinning" services, even-though I've been "bookmarking" interesting things using my "Known CMS" site, but I don't organise those properly using tags.

I love how the media is covering this impeachment trial as if a conviction were an actual possibility.