In the past, this website was diven by homemade blogging engine called YAWT. It worked fairly well, but I eventually got tired of maintaining it, so I switched to a static site generator called pelican. Like YAWT, it's written in python and uses the Jinja2 tempating system, so I didn't feel completely out of place.

As a rule, I like to have control over the HTML that gets put on my site. Writing simple, standards compliant and semantically sound HTML has always been important to me. In the past, this meant making sure my site was HTML 4 or XHTML 1.0 compliant, and preferring semantic tags over non-semantic tags (i.e. prefering "em" over "i"). More recently, this has meant making sure that my site was HTML5 compliant. Where appropriate, I've made use of the newer tags such as "header", "footer" and "article" and I've taken advantage of the newer HTML5 outlining algorithm to embed multiple h1 tags where appropriate.

For the most part, the stuff on this site should look okay in older and text based browsers, as long as you turn off the CSS. I've based the look of the site off of a somewhat tweaked version of the pelican-boostrap3 theme.

This site consists of standalone pages, like this one, and a blog which publishes random thoughts on a semi-regular basis. I have hopes of incorporating a simple wiki using pelican as well, but until that happens, I run a separate one. Before I started blogging, I also used to write random, ad-hoc essays and pages, which I've indexed elsewhere on my site if you're interested.