TIL about chicken pudding, a dessert popular in Turkey, made with milk, sugar, vanilla...and actual shredded chicken breast.
It's funny how I can suspend my disbelief about most things in movies or on TV except when people in restaurants order "a beer" or "a whiskey". People never do this! They're always more specific.
How my blogroll gets generated (now completely automatic!)

Yesterday I teased a new post about how I automated my blogroll generation by writing a Go script and using the Miniflux API. Here it is.
Up until yesterday, I always updated my blogroll manually. I wrote about that process here. It was a bit of automation but not completely automated. I fixed that and now do what Robert van Bregt suggested or what Jan Boddez does with his WordPress plugin.
To generate my site I use a self-hosted instance of Drone CI (I already wrote about that a few times) w...

A home on the web

My personal site is a repository for my memories, experiences, feelings, recipes, tips, photos, and more. […] it is an ever-growing extension of myself that I have total control over, my mirror and memory aid. I want to be able to look back at this when I’m eighty and thank my past self for surfacing things that I otherwise would have forgotten.
– On personal sites, and adios analytics — Piper Haywood
Hmm, reading this and also Amy Hoy’s post recently (How the Blog Broke the Web) is making me...

On Carrots in Tomato Sauce

Not long ago, I joined an Italian cooking group on Facebook. I thought it would be a good opportunity to pick up some tips and recipes. I left the group a couple of months later, after some members became...oh, let's call it "agitated"...over whether Sunday ragu was a "sauce" or a "gravy".

It sounds like a joke, doesn't it? Personal attacks stemming from disagreements over culinary terminology seem like such a cartoonish Italian stereotype that you almost think it just can't be true. Or maybe you just don't want it to be.

I mean, I don't particularly enjoy pineapple on my pizza, but if you do my reaction is generally just to shrug and move on. My reaction, notably, does not involve calling you a "festering puke" and then telling you to go "die in a fire".

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TIL that blackstrap molasses is not the same as fancy molasses.  NOT AT ALL.