I've been doing Spanish on Duolingo since December of last year, and I STILL have trouble mentally translating "Yo tengo" as "I have" as opposed to "You tango?"

Git is Terrible

If I say that my professional life has spanned RCS, CVS, Mercurial and Git, this tell you something (depressing) about my age.

Like everyone else, I'm now a git user, but I still say that Mercurial was the most elegant of the bunch, at least in terms of its emmiently predictable and well-designed CLI, even if the software itself gave up the ghost years ago.

Back in the day, when version control systems were still duking it out, I used to try and defend mercurial to rabid git fans, mostly to no avail. I always felt that I was at a bit of disadvantage in those conversationa (cue the git fans yelling "Yeah, cuz mercurial SUCKS!"), because I was always willing to concede, despite appreciating mercurial's virtues, that git actually did have its strengths as well as its weaknesses, while the git fans were rarely so magnanimous with any other VCS.

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