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If we lived close to nature in an agricultural society, the seasons as metaphor and fact would continually frame our lives. But the master metaphor for our era does not come from agriculture—it comes from manufacturing. We do not believe that we “grow” our lives—we believe that we “make” them. Just listen to how we use the word in everyday speech: we make time, make friends, make meaning, make money, make a living, make love. — Parker Palmer, “Let Your Life Speak” (97)
You know what else we m...

I use Piwigo. My gallery:

I'm interested in the idea of statically generated galleries but it's unclear to me how this would work if you have GBs of photos.  Where would you store the images?
Did anyone else learn where Pennsylvania was just this week?
I learned the word "magniloquence" today and I'm warning all of you, I will be using it frequently.
Finished season 2 of Ozark and I guess Wendy is Walter White, not Marty?
Ohhhhh... This looks awesome!

There’s loads of fun interactive fiction games to play at IFComp 2020. We came across IFComp yesterday, via a friend of E’s, and played Saint Simon’s Saw and Stand Up / Stay Silent.

Things I Learned In Lockdown

While it's perhaps inaccurate to call the current Covid-19 crisis "unprecedented" (given that the Spanish Flu outbreak in 1918 led to many of the same measures), I think it's reasonable to say that it's unprecedented in my lifetime - and I'm not exactly young.

Accordingly, in these heady times, I don't think it's uncommon to discover a thing or two about yourself. Hell, introspection is almost inevitable, given the circumstances.

In that vein, this is my "Things I Learned In Lockdown" post. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

One thing I learned is that I'm not quite the introvert that I thought I was. I mean, don't get me wrong - I'm kind of an introvert. I tend to be subdued at parties and drained afterwards, and if I have a choice between a small gathering and a large one, I'll choose the small one. But I see people in my social feeds who are able to effortlessly go for weeks at a time without interacting with another soul and I've come to the stark realization that I am not one of them.

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