Heh. I configured my VoIP landline to show up as Batman on call display :) Particularly funny when I use it to make restaurant reservations.

(Yes, I have a landline. Leave me alone.)

How to Have a Conversation on the IndieWeb

If you've read my previous articles on the IndieWeb, you might be forgiven for thinking that its members are, by and large, loners who keep to themselves.

Consider the concept of a "like", for example. On a site like Twitter, a like is an action you perform against another person's content; you click the heart icon next to someone's tweet, and the like counter for that tweet goes up. It's an implicit connection between two people - the one who did the liking and the one who received it.

An IndieWeb "like", on the other hand, is not an action you perform on someone's content, but rather a standalone post that you own and publish to your site. It's a reversal of the way people usually think about the transaction, and it reflects the premium IndieWeb members place on controlling their own content.

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I am really not sure what my street is going to look like in 6 months.