In the Beginning was the Website

I don't think I've ever felt quite as old as I felt when, last year, I discovered the IndieWeb, an online community of people dedicated to resurrecting the personal website.

This makes me feel old because I've maintained some sort of personal web presence/site/blog since around 1998 or so, when I made my first hand-coded HTML pages available online at U of T. Apparently, enough time has past not only for the concept of a "personal website" to have become quaint and old-fashioned (displaced by a cluster of much more convenient social media sites) but also for it to have been picked up again by an enthusiastic band of hobbyists with a taste for the retro and a fondness for old-school fan pages.

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I think I was listening to "Episode 11: Germanic Ancestors"  but I'm not sure how much of it will make sense if you haven't listened to the previous episodes (unless you have a background in this stuff?)
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Well, as the title suggests, if you are interested in the history of English and other Indo-European languages, including Farsi, then yes :)
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There would be a dramatic bit where some Indo-European suddenly decides to say an "F" instead of a "P" and is henceforth know as "Proto-Germanic-Man".  Or some random sheep herder develops a speech impediment and starts saying "S" instead of "K" and they are henceforth "Satem-man".
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It's like, you know how superheroes have catchphrases, and a superhero origin movie will always have a bit where the hero gets to say the catch phrase and that's how you know they're for real now?  We need a movie like that for the origin of German or Sanskrit.
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"And here we have the origin of the Germans! Over here we have the very first ancestors of the Celts and the Romans!". I feel like each branch needs a character sheet with all their different powers.
Learning about Indo-European migration on  @englishhistpod and it sometimes feels like I'm listening to DnD prep or superhero origin stories
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Also, that is supposed to say "salt" :-)
#MarcellaHazan 's famous (infamous?) tomato, butter and onion sauce is actually a *surprisingly* good, rich sauce, considering what went into it - four ingredients, including the salt. No garlic, no basil, no olive oil.