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That's probably a good way to think about it.  Or at least about establishing an alternative.
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This looks good! But why do you have four identical photos?

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📸 A section of the D&R Canal State Park trail between Rocky Hill and Kington has a tunnel that runs under Route 27/Main Street on the border with Kingston and Princeton. A few years ago…

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This whole thread is awesome. I remember reading someone's fantasy Superman scene somewhere and it involving him on a mountaintop listening to the entire world in danger, in anguish over who to save first.
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Aww, no love for @getpelican? I guess it's really only a thing if you already like Python :)

It's my blog engine of choice these days though I'm considering switching to @gatsbyjs.
It's 2020 so I decided to join the 2010's and replace my desktop hard drive with an SSD. Pretty easy, mostly due to Clonezilla.

It's...nice. I should probably shake things up more often.
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Thank you! The link should work now :-)
Thanks for the write-up on the Indieweb ...

Thanks for the write-up on the Indieweb principles Desmond. Looking forward to the other posts in the series. I did notice that the initial link to

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Your Website is Your Castle

In a previous blog post, I gave a very brief introduction to the IndieWeb, hopefully giving a sense of what it is and why it matters. In this post I'll try and zoom in a tiny bit and explain something of the mechanics of how the IndieWeb actually works and what it means to "like" a post or "share" a status update.

I'm deliberately trying to avoid too much detail in this post because, frankly, there's a lot to write, and it's easy to get lost. So I'm going to try and give a rough idea of what an IndieWeb enabled website looks like at a very high level, without going into the weeds. Further posts will go into more detail.

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