Your Website Is Your Passport

One of the themes that crops up again and again in the IndieWeb community is that your personal domain, with its attendant website, should form the nexus of your online existence. Of course, people can and do maintain separate profiles on a variety of social media platforms, but these should be subordinate to the identity represented by your personal website, which remains everyone's one-stop-shop for all things you and the central hub out of which your other identities radiate.

Part of what this means in practice is that your domain should function as a kind of universal online passport, allowing you to sign in to various services and applications simply by entering your personal URL.

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This is going to sound weird, but what about WordPress? There is a movement called “IndieWeb” that has those same goals. Some people use their blogs as a personal knowledge base and commonplace book (for instance note the highlighting and citation capabilities) so they can have a quick reference for further research.
Others use it to track personal analytics for analysis (example
This solution is super flexible, and there are a lot of WordPr...

The modern manifestation of a Turing Machine is an algorithm, not a computer.  The modern manifestation of a computer is a Universal Turing Machine, i.e. a Turing machine that can simulate and run any other Turing Machine.  #Turing