About This Site

I've maintained some form of personal online presence since roughly 1998 or so, when I made my first hand coded HTML pages available on the web. There've been several incarnations of this site over the years, hosted variously on U of T servers, Geocities, Netfirms and a raft of dedicated home and rented machines, but the current version is now hosted on Netlify and I haven't found the experince too painful so I'm going to try and make it last.

I discovered the IndieWeb community sometime in early 2019 and I've been since hard at work to make my site compliant. Mostly this means that I try to post content here first, and then syndicate it elsewhere. My success rate varies.

Given that I've been online for over 20 years, I've accumulated a fair bit of content and, accordingly, a fair amount of thought has gone into its organization. Among other things, this site sports: