Mug shot

Hi everyone! You've reached the personal domain of Desmond Rivet. There have been a few over the years but I'm going to try and make this one last. I'm a software developer living in Montreal, Canada.

As usual, the whole story is, of course, a bit more complicated than that. I was born in Montreal, then moved to Toronto when I was 12, where I went to high school and University and basically spent a lot of my formative years. I graduated from the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto (I chose the Computer option at the time, but it appears that they have now merged with the Electrical option).

After graduating from the University of Toronto, I started work as a software developer at a telecom company that eventually ended up moving me back to Montreal. The adjustment wasn't too bad, but I do get irritated when people simply assume I'm a Torontonian by birth. I can only conclude that this is because:

  • I am an Anglophone
  • I don't denigrate Toronto every single chance I get
  • I am perhaps more willing than many Montrealers to recognize this city's flaws

Anyway, I worked at this telecom company, in Montreal, for about 6 years until I decided that I needed a change of pace and, as of 2007, I'm a happy software developer at Intelerad Medical Systems.

In 2010, my girlfriend and I moved into a large, ornate, hundred year old Edwardian apartment (and I'll say right here that this is one of Montreal's strengths - more or less affordable housing). It's experience. We both like the space and the neigbourhood, but I will say the place has ended being a lot more work than thought it would be. At some point I need to put up some pictures.

I guess my main hobby would be programming, but I also enjoy writing, reading and cooking. Oh, and mixing drinks. You can blame Mad Men for that. You can find a few of my experiments and recipes on my wiki and blog.