About Desmond

Hi, I'm Desmond, a software developer by trade currently residing in Montreal, Canada.

I'm a graduate of the Engineering Science program (Computer Option) at the University of Toronto, currently employed by Unity Technologies.

People who know me tend to assume I'm from Toronto but I'm actually a native Montrealer. The confusion usually stems from the fact that, while I was born in Montreal, I spent a good chunk of my formative years (i.e. high school and Univeristy) in Toronto, and I only moved back to Montreal in my 20s. Having spent a fair bit of time in both cities I like to think I'm above the typical rivalry shared between them.

While I enjoy programming (or else I wouldn't do it for a living) I wouldn't say that it's my sole focus in life.I also enjoy reading, television, cooking, cocktails, board games, photography, philosophy and travelling.

I also enjoy writing, mostly on this webiste. I particularly enjoy the web as a medium and I'm old enough to still be amazed at the idea that anyone can just throw up a website for some spare change and have it acessible to almost the entire world.

I consider this website to be my main online platform, but you can find me elswhere on the web as well: